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The formula to be stress free about money.

While researching links between money, values and joy, author Bokhara Lashi discovered the formula to uplifting your relationship with money.

The Formula is Simple.


Identify your Primary Values.

Discover your Spending Style Personality.

Spend on your values to Live a Life Joyfully Spent.

Sounds Great! What now?

The formula is simple.
Values + Spending = Joy

When you align your values with your spending, money stress can significantly decrease in your life and you will live a life joyfully spent. This sounds great, right?


How do you determine your values?

What's a Spending Style Personality?

How do you keep your values at the forefront of your mind so you're not enticed to spend on things that don’t align?

- The Path is Clear -

The Art of Joyful Spending will help you:

  • Define your primary values so that you can be clear on what really matters to you [which means you can curb impulse spending and have money for what you really want!]
  • Identify your Spending Style Personality so that you can feel proud of your spending choices [which means you will no longer feel defensive or uncomfortable talking about money!]
  • Connect your values to your spending so that you confidently invest in the things that mean the most to you [which means you will look back knowing you lived a life joyfully spent!]
It's Time to Change the Status Quo
"The Art of Joyful Spending is the first money mindset book to shed light on value-based Spending Styles.

Your unique Spending Style connects your values and spending so that you can invest in things that will bring you long term joy.

A positive platform for conscious money talk is finally here." - Bokhara Lashi

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers
But above all the world needs dreamers who do." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"We can’t be content with knowing what kind of people we are;
it matters, too, what kind of people we hope to be." - Kwame Anthony Appiah
It’s not taboo. Let’s Talk about Money.

Data confirms money is stressing us out and we don't want to talk about it.


Money is the #1 cause of stress in America. [ARTICLE]

53% of US
households have
no emergency

Money is a
primary cause
of divorce and fights
between partners.

76% of
people would
rather talk about
politics then money.


Money is the #1
cause of stress
in America.

76% of
people would
rather talk about
politics then money.

53% of US
households have
no emergency savings.

Money is a
primary cause of divorce
and fights
between partners.

The data concludes, majority of people would rather talk about anything than money - including politics, religion and erectile dysfunction.

Shockingly, I am not making that up.
You can fact check each statistic at the links provided.

Don't get discouraged though. It doesn't have to be this way.
Breaking up with the Status Quo

Step 1: Say Goodbye

It's clear, we need a new approach for how we relate to money. In addition to the discouraging statistics, have you noticed a trend in the current money personality types?

Just look at these!

What do all of these have in common?




Answer: Negativity and judgement.

Labeling yourself with one of these money styles can lead to shame associated with your spending habits. Consider the "Hoarder" personality label. This is a very discouraging term for someone who saves money!

Terms, like the above, label you by focusing on what's wrong with how you relate to money.

These terms are founded in a traditional psychology model that focuses on identifying and fixing weaknesses. This approach believes that once you identify your weakness you can be motivated to change your ways.

The data is screaming proof that this approach is not working!

What is the solution?

It all comes down to psychology and what motivates you.

If you aren't motivated by focusing on your flaws, as the above labels do, change is needed.
It's time to breakup with the negative terms that saturate the finance world.

Step 2: Think Positive

What if you identified and focused on your strengths instead of your weaknesses?

This mindset shift is not a new psychology concept. It is called positive psychology and it's founded in numerous research-based studies which have proven results. This 2013 study, is especially extensive and concludes positive psychology interventions can be effective.

In contrast to highlighting your weaknesses in your relationship to money, The Art of Joyful Spending helps you bring positive psychology thinking to your spending habits.

What is Positive Psychology?

In 1954 "positive psychology" was coined and referenced for the first time. Since then, hundreds of studies have explored and affirmed the numerous benefits of applying positive psychology in order to live a more joyful life. The results consistently show that when living according to what holds the greatest value in life a human flourishes.

In modern society, money is seen and felt as a large influencer on whether or not you are flourishing. With a clear connection between money and flourishing, author Bokhara Lashi advocates that positive psychology needs to also be applied to how you think of, feel about and ultimately how you spend money. The Art of Joyful Spending helps you connect to and apply this positive money mindset in your life, in order to ease your financial stress.

The path to this is clear. Apply positive psychology to your money habits by identifying your values, connecting them to your spending, and discovering your Spending Style to say goodbye to money stress for good!

Positive spending habits will result, stress will ease away and you will flourish day to day.

"When you create a positive relationship with money you can live a life joyfully spent." - Bokhara Lashi


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